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Systems for objective, quantitative and sensitive analyses of the biomechanical properties of skin, soft tissues, wound closure, wound healing & both intact and disruptive characterization of elastic materials.

SRLI’s patented technologies offer scientific value for R&D evaluations:

  • Bridges methodology between the laboratory & clinic.
  • Objective analysis for standardization & reproducibility.
  • Fixed boundaries & minimal pre-stress for reliable analysis.
  • Characterization and measurements of structural and material properties.
  • Generous high-resolution deformation measurement range to detect ultra-sensitive differences.
  • Non-Disruptive/Intact measurements of human skin, wounds & elastic materials.
  • In-vivo biomechanical measurements of wound closure & the early phases of wound healing.
  • Disruptive in-vivo elastic materials testing and analysis.
  • Reduced sample preparation time allows for immediate testing (i.e. tissue adhesives & sealants)
  • Non-Disruptive measurements permit multiple analyses of the same wound/tissue over time.
  • Clinically relevant multi-axial stress in full thickness models.
  • Intact materials characterization of the “actual product”
    (no sample excision), including non-destructive testing.
  • Provides data & results in real-time.

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Skin Test
Material Failure
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