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BTC-1000 (tm) System Photo with Insert of Hand-held Unit Wound Testing
Material Testing

BTC-1000TM  Features:

  • High-resolution (µm) infrared digital camera & negative pressure (mmHg) transducer.
  • Computer processor, DAQ boards and BTC application software, including “HELP” for on-site support.
  • Benchtop workstation with fine-focus device, electronic scale (gm), & acrylic test platform.
  • Vacuum controller & portable pump.
  • Real-time graphical screen updates, auto-calculations & immediate display of BTC results.
  • 1.0 & 2.5cm chambers for observation & sterilization.
  • Unlimited applications including soft-tissues, wound closure, linear incision wound healing, & intact characterization of elastic materials.

BTC-1000TM  Application Software

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Data Acquisition (DAQ) Data Analysis 

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